Heat exchanger network synthesis can be facilitated by using an optimised data set for the initial design. Crisscross optimisation prior to design is an excellent tool to generate such data set.

There is no such thing like an optimum DTMin or Heat Recovery Approach Temperature HRAT nor any Exchanger Minimum Approach Temperature EMAT to be considered; there only is optimum integration combined with optimised crisscross.

The pinch analysis introduction package "Heatit - Basic" is available free of charge. 

Example studies marked as [SECURE] can be downloaded without any restriction, provided you are so kind to identify yourself to the author.

Excel fileHeatit_v5.2.4_2014_12_07-basic (443KB)
Acrobat fileCase 1 Pinch analysis with crisscross optimisation - The principle (195KB)
Acrobat fileCase 2 - Example from Gundersen and Grossmann 2016_03_08 (295KB)
Acrobat fileCase 3 - Example from Colberg and Morari (475KB)
Acrobat fileCase 4 - Example from Linnhoff & Ahmad - The 9SP Aromatics Plant 2013_10_05 (398KB)
Acrobat fileCase 5 - Example from Björk and Pettersson (159KB)
Acrobat fileCase 6 - Example from the Magnets User Manual (292KB)
Acrobat fileCase 7 - Synthesis of Heat Exchanger Networks with Equal Heat Transfer Coefficients (159KB)
Acrobat fileCase 8 - Example from Shenoy modified by Frauso-Hernandez (94KB)
Acrobat fileCase 9 - Example from Castillo (351KB)
Acrobat fileCase 10 - Example from WU Xiao et al. (249KB)
Acrobat fileCase 11 - Industrial case - Retrofit Carpet Manufacturing Plant (145KB)
Acrobat fileCase 12 - CHP and Heat Pumps versus Integrated Distillation Sequences (1027KB)
Acrobat fileCase 13 - Example from Ahmad, Zamora, Bogataj, Rev&Fonio,Serna et al2015_06_06 (146KB)
Acrobat fileCase 14 - Example with Multiple Utilities (196KB)
Acrobat fileCase 15 - An improved tick-off procedure (the 9SP Aromatics Plant revisited) (286KB)
Acrobat fileCase 16 - The importance of driving forces in heat exchanger network design (242KB)
Acrobat fileCase 17 - A new benchmark for the 10SP1 literature case (311KB)
Acrobat fileCase 18 - New benchmarks for the 10 streams literature case from Ahmad (1985) (482KB)
Acrobat fileCase 19 - Example from Ahmad, Data set small 2015_06_08 (338KB)
Acrobat fileCase 21 - Synthesis of heat exchanger networks - Smart Optimisation Procedures (245KB)
Acrobat fileCase 22 - Pinch analysis with crisscross optimisation prior to design (282KB)
Acrobat fileCase 23 - Benchmark Solutions for the Bandar Imam Aromatics Plant (290KB)
Acrobat fileCase 24 - Benchmark Solutions for a Crude Fractionation Unit (691KB)
Acrobat fileCase 25 - The Importance of Targeting in Heat Exchanger Network Synthesis (312KB)
Acrobat filecase26-thepowerofcrisscrossoptimisationpriortodesignforheatexchangernetworksynthesis.pdf (357KB)
Acrobat filePinch Technology Second Generation - Executive Summary (120KB)
Acrobat filePower Cycles & Energy Efficient Concepts (2515KB)
Excel fileBest Available Techniques - Checklist Pinchco (29KB)
Acrobat fileBenchmark Solutions for 4 Stream Problems (1255KB)

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