Pinch Analysis Software

Pinchco applies in-house developed innovative and unique algorithms for pinch analysis with crisscross optimisation prior to design and design tools based on insight in network behaviour. With the new approach, differences in heat transfer coefficients are exploited with the view to reducing surface area required; networks can be generated without the risk of topology traps.


"Heatit" is a pinch analysis tool based on new algorithms enabling crisscross optimisation prior to design with the view to minimising required heat exchanger surface area. The program also generates an optimum data set as input for the design module.


"Designit" is the heat exchanger network design module based on new insight in network behaviour. Studies of many representative cases from literature demonstrate that with crisscross optimisation prior to design topology traps can be avoided and the new approach enables development of heat exchanger networks that are more efficient than what has been reported so far. This insight is also endorsed by the results in the real world.

More about the technique and results of various studies can be found here.

Pinch Analysis Software

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