Pinch Analysis training courses

On request, Pinchco teaches training courses, workshops and seminars on the subjects of heat integration, pinch analysis and heat exchanger network design. In-depth knowledge of industrial utility requirements, energy supply systems and conditions and the latest concepts and techniques of heat integration analysis are combined with real life experience and applications. The courses are extremely useful for engineering companies, energy consultants, process developers, utilities and operations managers, maintenance engineers.

Energy and Thermodynamics

Lectures can also be structured for various audiences and on various subjects related to energy such as power generation, supply and distribution, steam generation, cogeneration and utilities, energy efficiency in industrial processes,  technical and financial evaluation of energy saving opportunities.

Courses, training sessions and workshops have been organised for KVIV, Laborelec, Cofely and for the Rotterdam based industrial association Deltalinqs.

Daniel Declercq is Visiting professor at UAMS in Antwerp (Course Energy & Climate) teaching classic pinch analysis and new developments.

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