Next to due diligence of generation assets and evaluation of investment opportunities there is ample expertise in all energy and utilities related matters and efficient use of energy in end user industries. Pinchco has a broad customer base in various sectors including conventional and renewable power generation, biomass fuels, commodity and speciality chemicals, petrochemicals, industrial gases, textile, food, construction materials, metal, non-ferrous, high temperature melting processes, thermal treatment, engineering companies and consulting services.

Daniel Declercq has a Msc Degree in Engineering and a PhD in Applied Sciences. He also has a certificate in Business Administration.

After 4 years of research at the University of Leuven, he joined BASF in Antwerp where he was in charge of utility supply and coordination of energy saving activities. He then moved to BASF in Ludwigshafen as an energy controller. He headed a research team on distillation sequencing and a project team on heat integration whilst introducing pinch technology at BASF worldwide.

Thereafter, he joined Air Products Inc, a leading manufacturer of industrial gases as Director Energy and Feedstock supply for Europe where he also developed new energy efficient schemes for steam reformers. He was a board member of IFIEC World and Vice-President of IFIEC Europe, the International Federation of Industrial Energy Consumers and worked closely with the European Commission on issues related to the liberalisation of energy markets.

He then joined Electrabel as Director European Development, in charge of international acquisitions and quality assurance of capital expenditure requests.

Early 2005, he started an independent consulting activity related to development of energy efficient processes, simulation of process interactions and heat integration analysis techniques. He is the author of new and unique algorithms for pinch analysis with crisscross optimisation prior to design.

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