Process Analysis for Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Studies with the view to enhancing energy efficiency:

  • Technical analysis of a cogeneration plant for district heating, Pinch analysis;
  • Development of Best Available Technology for methane reformer for syngas applications with EU patent Application ‘Steam Reaction Process’;
  • Process analysis, including heat integration analysis of a rock wool manufacturing process, expert advice on energy recovery alternatives;
  • Evaluation of design proposal and elaboration of improvements for a new dairy produce process;
  • Heat integration analysis and elaboration of energy saving alternatives for a textile manufacturing plant (Desso Carpets);
  • Analysis and optimisation study of a hydrogenation process in a petrochemical industry;
  • Analysis and evaluation of energy saving opportunities for a brick manufacturing plant;
  • Analysis and conceptual design of modifications of the heat integration of a large scale state-of-the-art CCGT power plant with the view to increasing the efficiency.

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