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Expertise in Energy Supply, End User Energy Efficiency and CO2 reduction

    Pinch Analysis Guide for Heat Integration and Waste Heat Recovery 

Pinchco offers expert advice on energy related matters building on more than 30 years of industrial experience in an international environment.


A strong theoretical background combined with a practical approach enables to identify opportunities for enhanced energy efficiency using tailor-made solutions next to standardised models. Read more...


On request, Pinchco teaches training courses, workshops and seminars on the subjects of heat integration, pinch analysis and heat exchanger network design.
Lectures can also be organised for various audiences and on various subjects related to energy and utilities. Read more...

Pinch Analysis

Pinchco applies in-house developed innovative and unique algorithms for pinch analysis with crisscross optimisation prior to design and design tools based on insight in network behaviour. Read more...

Pinch Analysis

Daniel Declercq has long-standing expertise in energy and utilities related matters and efficient use of energy in end user industries.  Pinchco has a broad customer base in various sectors including conventional and renewable power generation, biomass fuels, commodity and speciality chemicals, petrochemicals, industrial gases, textile, food, construction materials, metal, non-ferrous, high temperature melting processes, thermal treatment, engineering companies and consulting services.